Mar 22, 2021

Justin Bieber Alleged Infringement

Justin Bieber’s recently released album, Justice, is the subject of an alleged trade mark infringement.

A French dance group, called Justice, have alleged that Justin Bieber has (and continues to) infringe their trade mark. In particular, they allege infringement of the basis that Justin Bieber’s album cover sets out the letter ‘T’ resembling a crucifix, for which the French dance group claim to have a trade mark.

According to reports, the French group demand that Justin Bieber has to immediately stop using their trade mark otherwise legal proceedings will follow for damages and other forms of relief.

Justin Bieber’s management team have stated that the reference on the album does not infringe the trade mark.

It’s an unfortunate sbeginning for Bieber’s new album, which has already received positive reviews and critical acclaim.

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Posted by: Connor Cartledge in: Trade Marks

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