Oct 22, 2021

It Is Our American Skin, Shawley?

‘American Skin’ is an American drama film written and directed by Nate Parker and Spike Lee which was released in September 2019. The film is about a war veteran who is seeking justice when his son is killed by the police during a routine traffic stop.

Parker & Lee have since found themselves embroiled in a copyright infringement claim brought by Selton and Landston Shaw. The Shaw brothers claim that they submitted the original screenplay for ‘A Routine Stop’ to the TV One Screenplay competition in 2017 and the screenplay was distributed to a number of industry professionals. The Shaw brothers did not win the screenplay competition with ‘A Routine Stop’ however infer that it cannot be coincidental that ‘American Skin’ has now been released two years later which glaring similarities.

The Shaw brothers allege that the 2019 film, was in fact taken from their original screenplay. It is claimed that ‘American Skin’ has copied the theme, storyline, characters and parts of the logline from the screenplay. As a result of this, the Shaw brothers claim that ‘American Skin’ and ‘A Routine Stop’ share “uncanny similarities”. The Shaw brother have stated that they filed the claim “to get back what was wrongfully taken from us”.

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Posted by: Tom Staveley in: Copyright, EU/International, Legal News, News

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