Jul 29, 2022

It Ain't Easy Being Yeezy

Kanye West has settled what seems to be yet another dispute over intellectual property rights, this time with Walmart over the logo for his Yeezy brand.

A spokesperson for Walmart confirmed the dispute between the Yeezy and Walmart had been settled subject to confidential terms. Walmart previously opposed Yeezy’s trade mark, alleging it to be too similar to the Walmart brand.

Since then, two trade mark applications have been filed under the Yeezy holding company. The marks appear to replace the Walmart-contested marks. The new mark consists of “two concentric circles, the circumference of the outer circle is represented by a fluted circular line, while the circumference of the inner circle is represented by a plain circular line.”

The trade mark applications come in light of the upcoming Yeezy brand expansion. The applications were filed on an “intent to use” basis. Therefore the trade mark holder must have a genuine intention to use the marks. There is no doubt Kanye West will have various plans for the new marks to be stamped onto apparel soon.

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