Dec 14, 2021

IP Grant Funding Scheme

Are you wondering what assets you have or how to protect your brand? Do you wonder what it would take to make sure that you have what you think you need? Would you like some help from a real expert but do you worry about the cost?

Well, help is available. The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) in conjunction with Innovate UK has two funding schemes for small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

The first is the IP Audits Plus scheme. There is a grant of £2500 available towards the £3000 cost for an IP audit, which means businesses that qualify will only bear a cost of £500. An IP Audit is the process of identifying the Intellectual Property you have or that you need for your business and makes suggestions on the work needed to secure those assets.

The second scheme is called IP Access which provides SMEs with grants of up to £5000 that can be used for legal fees in taking the steps highlighted in your IP Audit Plus report.

To qualify for a grant through IP Access you must have undergone an IP Audits Plus review.

How Can We Help?

We conduct IP audits for clients, including the IP Audits Plus Scheme. We help implement the recommendations provided via the audit, using funding from the IP Access scheme.

Wherever you are in the country we can guide you to the right access points to take advantage of this scheme, undertake the audit for you and implement any recommendations.

For more information, please contact Niall Head-Rapson by email or call 07881 504 903.

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