Aug 22, 2018

Imitation Is The Highest Form Of Flattery

Motorola, the American telecommunications company, has come under fire this week after releasing images of its newest model, the P30. Consumers were quick to note that the P30 appears to be an exact replica of the latest iPhone X produced by Apple.

When the images of the P30 and the iPhone X are put side to side it is hard to distinguish any differences between the two handsets. The size, shape, style and camera placement on both handsets are identical. If that wasn't enough, astonishingly, the images of the Motorola P30 detail the handset with a multi coloured screen wallpaper exactly like the iPhone X default wallpaper. Many people have commented their surprise at just how bold and brazen Motorola have been in creating its P30 model.

Motorola was previously a pioneer in the telecommunications industry, releasing sought after models, however with the introduction of smartphones Motorola's sales in the industry fell. As a result, it sold its handset division to Google in 2012. Google then sold the division two years later to a Chinese company called Lenovo in 2014. Lenovo have not yet commented on the backlash the P30 has received from consumers.

It seems hard to imagine that Motorola is not aware of the similarities between its P30 and the iPhone X due to the fact of how blatant the copying appears to be. Tactically, however, the images of the P30 that have been released certainly have people talking. As the cliché goes, there's no such thing as bad publicity, Motorola may even benefit from its brazenness, that is, if the P30 actually makes it to release.

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