Sep 28, 2017

High Court bans fake certificates website

The BBC reported this week that a website, (the Website), which reportedly sold fake GCSE and A-level exam certificates has been shut down following an order from the High Court of Justice.

The Website now contains a notice of injunction granted in favour of the Joint Council for Qualifications (Council), representing AQA Education, The City and Guilds of London Institute, Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations, Pearson Education Limited and WJEC CBAC Limited, following proceedings issued for trade mark infringement.

The Joint Council for Qualifications has explained that this recent event is part of its campaign to stop the sale of fake certificates. It is aware of the importance of the trade marks in that they indicate that a qualification from a respected awarding body has been attained. The sale of fake certificates bearing the mark of legitimate awarding bodies will inevitably tarnish the reputation and trade marks of those bodies.

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