Jan 18, 2021

Hendrix Trade mark Infringement

A federal court in New York ruled that two relatives of Jimi Hendrix, Leon Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix’s brother) and daughter Tina Hendrix, were guilty of contempt of Court by their continued violation of trade marks.

The story traces its roots back to 1970 when Jimi Hendrix passed away. He did not have a will and so his father, Al Hendrix, received Jimi Hendrix’s savings and asserts. Al Hendrix passed away in 2002, who by that point had disinherited Leon Hendrix from his will.

Numerous years after Al Hendrix’s death, Leon Hendrix and Tina Hendrix became embroiled in a legal battle in 2017 for trade mark infringement, false advertising, amongst other claims. Their Defence was unsuccessful. They were ordered to cease and desist from using the Jimi Hendrix trade mark, amongst other things.

Leon Hendrix and Tina Hendrix were found to have violated a permanent injunction against use of the trade mark. The Court ordered Leon Hendrix and Tina Hendrix to destroy all merchandise bearing any Jimi Hendrix name.

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Posted by: Connor Cartledge in: Trade Marks

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