Jun 1, 2016

Glasgow Market in 'Em-BARRAS-ing' Fake Goods Operation

Police and Trading Standards officers have seized up to £30 million worth of fake goods from the Barras Market in Glasgow.

As part of Operation Salang organised as a joint operation between the police and Trading Standards, the team uncovered and removed counterfeit clothing, bags, shoes, electronics and other similar articles.

Up to 100 arrests were made by Trading Standards and police officers at Glasgow's bustling market.

Chief inspector David Pettigrew from East Centre and Calton Police said: "This operation has been a major success and I'm very pleased that this area, now free of criminal counterfeiters, will be regenerated. Legitimate business can now thrive in Barras Market once again.

Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Minister for Intellectual Property, said "Barras Market has a bright future. Working with our partners we have ended the reign of criminality in this area."

Merchandise from popular brands such as Chanel, Rolex and Ugg were some of the many counterfeited goods discovered at the popular Glasgow market. In April, WWD reported that the global counterfeit goods trade was estimated to be worth a staggering £315.5 billion with up to five percent of all items imported into the EU in 2013 estimated to have been counterfeit, representing a value of more than £58 billion.

Earlier this year, it was widely reported that Manchester's 'counterfeit street' aka Cheetham Hill was reported by the IPO to have had more than £1 million fakes seized from the area in 2013.  We previously reported on this in our article entitled "Counting the cost of Counterfeiting in Cheetham Hill" in January of this year.

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