Jun 20, 2022

Get "Audi" Here

Luxury German brand Audi have issued a claim in a Munich court against Chinese EV manufacturer Nio for alleged infringement.

Electric Smart car manufacturer Nio are currently expanding into Europe, with rumours they will reach expansion into Germany before the end of 2022, having already expanded into the Norwegian market. It is thought the first model to enter Germany will be an ET7 sedan, a competitor of the Audi A6.

Audi allege the Nio ES6 and ES8 models may be confused with the S6 and S8 Audi sedan models, even though the Nio models are SUV’s not sedans. The news is not welcomed by all. A professor at the Centre for Automotive Research in Duisberg claims the risk of confusion is low given the fact one is an SUV and one a sedan. Others believe the news may be counterproductive for Audi sales in China, a market in which Audi make a large number of sales.

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