Mar 16, 2018

Fowl play in Nando's trademark dispute

Nando's have taken legal action to prevent a chicken shop in Reading from infringing its cockerel and chilli logos as well as its name. Fernando's, owned by Asam Aziz, has received a letter from Nando's legal representatives, Bird & Bird, requiring it to cease infringement.

Nando's have asserted that the chicken and chilli images used on Fernando's menu and in store were "highly similar" to their own trademarked 'Barcelos Cockerel' and 'Peri-ometer' chilli image. They also claim that the name is too similar to their own.

Aziz has made the issue public, and claims he is being bullied into changing his name and removing the images. He asserted to local news outlets that he got the idea for the name from TV dating show 'Take Me Out' in which couples are sent on a date to the fictitious island of Fernandos (actually a village in the north of Tenerife).

Nando's have released a statement explaining that they always try to resolve trademark infringement issues amicably, but that Fernando's is "trying to benefit from some of the things that make us who we are", including the name.

We will wait to see whether Aziz rebrands, and if not, whether Nando's will actually commence proceedings.

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