Feb 18, 2015

First Paperless Criminal Trial

The first criminal trial to use iPads in a bid to reduce paperwork got underway yesterday.  Members of the jury sitting on a three-month fraud trial at Southwark Crown Court were handed iPads instead of having to use folders of evidence.

However, the trial did not proceed without issue when the judge, Michael Gledhill QC, started to read his password out in front of the court.  Ripples of laughter broke out from the counsel benches as the judge was advised to not give his password out by the on hand IT expert but the judge simply responded: "I don't see a problem telling everyone what my password is - I trust them."

There were further problems when he struggled to change the colour scheme, while he prompted a few sniggers from counsel when he muttered innocently: "Nothing's popped up on my screen."

The paperless case is a pilot scheme forming part of a Crown Prosecution Service initiative, attempting to increase digitalisation of the judicial process.

The first paperless trial was held in Birmingham in 2013 and there have been less than a dozen more since.

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