Jun 19, 2018

FIFA takes decisive action against broadcast pirate

More World Cup news for you today, as FIFA have announced that it is taking preventative action to disable a pirate channel from illegally streaming World Cup matches in the Middle East and North Africa.

BeoutQ had been streaming the opening matches of the World Cup when it came to the attention of FIFA's intellectual property unit that we discussed in yesterday's article. beIN Sports is the exclusive broadcaster appointed by FIFA in the Middle East and North Africa, and FIFA denounced BeoutQ's claim to have received authorisation to stream the matches.

Sony, the official broadcaster of the World Cup in India, took pre-emptive action to defend its rights by writing to known pirates before the tournament began. In the open letter sent to the suspected pirates Sony claimed that it would be watching carefully and taking swift and decisive legal action if its rights were infringed.

beIN Sports did not go to the same expense, but FIFA's IP team have acted expediently in trying to put an end to the infringement. The sports channel has, however,  put a device on its broadcasts highlighting the FIFA statement in attempt to warn BeoutQ viewers that they are watching an illegally streamed version of the beIN signal. It is alleged that BeoutQ have responded by placing their own device over the FIFA one. International sporting tournaments are always a favourite of pirates, and alongside the Summer Olympics the FIFA World Cup is one of the most highly viewed in the world.

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The Qatari sports channel has put a ticker on its broadcasts showing the FIFA statement in an attempt to raise awareness among BeoutQ customers that they are watching a stolen version of the beIN signal.

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