Mar 18, 2019

Fall Out Boy in soft cuddly dispute

Llamas rarely evoke anything other than warm responses and a release of cutesy expressions. However, with puppeteers the Furry Puppet Studio suing Fall Out Boy over the band's allegedly infringing use of some llama puppets, that may well change, just like their 2005 song aptly named "Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued".

The Furry Puppet Studio accuse Fall Out Boy of exceeding the permitted usage of two wearable stuffed llama puppets. The puppets were created for the band's Young and Menace video, and it is claimed that there was an implied agreement that they would not be used beyond that.

The claim further alleges that the llama puppets (Frosty and Royal Tea) have now become de facto members of the band and includes evidence that they are now used in almost all marketing material disseminated by the band.

One of the more curious allegations is that one of the llamas, Frosty (perhaps the more chatty of the pair) has given interviews ahead of a proposed Llamania tour on which the band are expected to depart in the future. They are also expected to crack 1 billion views online later this year across the various videos in which they appear, and a GIF of one of the llamas (it is hard to say which) was the fourth-most popular GIF on the internet in 2017.

Fall Out Boy or its representatives have so far declined to comment, but a press statement by Frosty is expected in the near future.

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