Nov 13, 2018

Ed Sheeran settles another copyright infringement claim

Ed Sheeran, the Halifax born music artist that boasts some of the most impressive album selling statistics of any artist, has just settled a copyright infringement claim over the song, "The Rest Of Our Life".

The song in question was co-wrote by Sheeran, alongside Steve Mac, Johnny McDaid and Amy Wadge, for American country music artists Faith Hill and Tim McGraw on their debut album of the same name. Earlier this year, however, the song was centered in the middle of a dispute after Australian duo, Beau Golden and Sean Carey filed a copyright infringement claim alleging the song copied their "When II Found You" track.

In their filing, the Australian Claimants alleged that the important and original parts of their 2014 track "When I Found You" had been copied "note for note", they also highlighted that their track would have been played on Australian radio during the time Sheeran was touring there.

The Claimants had originally been seeking $5 million US dollars in damages as well as injunctive relief however it has recently come to light that the parties have reached settlement after an agreement was filed with the Court last week.  The agreement cites that the claim will be dismissed in 30 days if all issues are resolved.

It seems, despite his success, Ed Sheeran is no stranger to the court room. We have previously reported on copyright infringement claims concerning Ed Sheeran here and here.

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