Nov 2, 2015

Dyson May have to 'Suck It Up' With Regard to Competitors' Energy Efficiency Claims

Dyson may face legal action following "false allegations" by its founder Sir James Dyson, regarding alleged circumventing of EU energy-efficiency tests. This is the latest revelation in an ongoing feud between Dyson and German competitors BSH Hausergerate ("BSH").

BSH, a manufacturer of household appliances which makes vacuum cleaners under the Bosch and Siemens brands, is behind the threats of legal action. James Dyson, alleged that Bosch and Siemens had misled consumers with "behaviour akin to the Volkswagen scandal".

By way of background the power of vacuum cleaners is restricted in the EU to 1600W following the introduction of a new law in September 2014 which was brought in as part of the European Commissions plans to meet new energy efficiency targets.

BSH had released independent testing results.  Following their release Dyson claimed that despite BSHs' machines displaying a rating of 750W they could draw over 1600W when used at home which would be a breach of the law. The chief executive of BSH suggested Dyson has a history of taking a "very aggressive approach" but that these comments "overstepped the mark". However, Dyson's position was clear: "We will not be diverted from what is a crucial consumer issue. What Bosch and Siemens have done we believe circumvents the purpose of the EU energy regulations and misleads consumers".

The extent to which the allegations may be true is unclear at present, though such publicised allegations are not new to the parties involved. Just over twelve months ago Bosch succeeded in obtaining preliminary injunctions against Dyson in relation to its allegations that Dyson's "misleading" statements on EU energy labels.

The most recent allegations follow the widely publicised Volkswagen scandal, and some industry analysts are questioning whether innovative engineering companies are investing as much in circumventing restricting regulations as they are in innovation and progression.

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