Nov 16, 2017

Dyson Look To Clean Up

The leading manufacturer of household appliances, Dyson, is bringing a legal claim against their former chief executive Max Conze for an alleged series of breaches, after he stepped down from his role within the company in October. The Dyson board has issued legal action at the High Court of Justice in London.

Mr Conze has allegedly breached fiduciary and confidentiality rules, as it is accused that he has leaked company information about products, as well as using resources to evaluate an investment opportunity for his own benefit. However, the former employee denies all 'ridiculous claims' and said these allegations are 'merely trying to distract attention from the claims that Dyson know I am about to issue', according to the BBC. He also apologised to the Dyson staff for the distraction it may cause them at work.

After having spent 17 years at Proctor & Gamble, Max Conze was appointed to run Dyson in 2011 and during his role within the company led them to a greater success given his total commitment to the business and its people. During his six years as CEO of Dyson, the company increased its sales and profits and saw its head count grow from 2,500 to 10,000 staff. Mr Conze also said that Dyson sold 5 million machines when he joined in 2010 but that this had risen to 13 million machines when he left last month. Sir James Dyson, the founder of the electrical firm, thanked Conze for his 'great contribution' during his six years with the company and wished him well for the future when he left the firm. It has now been alleged however that Conze was sacked for a series of unspecified breaches of contract.

Though Mr Conze has said that this action by Dyson was designed simply to distract people from the claims he is about to issue, the nature of those claims has not been specified. Court filings suggest that Dyson will seek financial redress for breach of contract, although it has not been stated the amount it will claim.

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