Mar 5, 2021

Duchess Commences New Legal Battle

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have recently commenced an application to oppose a trade mark application made by a small business owner in the Philippines.

Victor Martin Soriano received a letter from representatives of the Duke and Duchess alleging that the name of his proposed trade mark for his deodorant brand, “Archewell Harvatera”, is an infringement of their registered trade mark, “Archewell”; the name of the Duke’s and Duchess’ charity foundation.

It has been reported that the businessman is not willing to surrender his application or back-down. He has also proceeded to file applications for other trade marks including the name “Archewell”. It’s yet another legal battle that the Duchess is involved in. It will certainly be interesting to see what the outcome of the matter will be.

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Posted by: Connor Cartledge in: Trade Marks

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