Jun 29, 2022

"Dua" want a picture?

British singer, Dua Lipa, is facing allegations of copyright infringement for posting a photograph of herself on her social media account @dualipa.

According to the claim filed in the US District Court in the state of California, Dua Lipa posted pictures to her Instagram account that New York based photographer Robert Barbera took of her back in 2018. The photographs have since been removed by Dua Lipa. Barbera is seeking damages and penalties for the profits Dua Lipa is alleged to have made from her social media account.

Whilst it might seem odd that a celebrity cannot use photographs of themselves without permission, the laws surrounding intellectual property rights are fairly clear. Generally, the person who creates the image will be the owner of the copyright. In most cases, this is the photographer, not the subject of the photo.

This isn't the first time Dua Lipa has been subject to such allegations of infringement. She was sued by Integral Images back in July 2021 on the same grounds. This lawsuit was dismissed in October 2021.

Barbera is renowned for bringing cases against celebrities for similar infringements. Barbera’s previous attempts to sue celebrities include American singer Ariana Grande and Canadian singer Justin Bieber.

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