Jul 28, 2022

Down to Earth, or not.

American subscription streaming service, Netflix and American actor Zac Efron are the subject of a trade mark infringement allegation over the lifestyle show “Down to Earth”.

Alabama based Down to Earth Organics LLC filed a claim in the Manhattan federal court claiming the show gave a false impression the company was involved in the production of the show. It further argues its brand is tarnished by inaccurate and “potentially” fraudulent health claims.

The Netflix original show premiered in July 2020 and follows Darin Olien, a wildlife expert and Zac Efron as they travel the world to explore various healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Zac Efron also promoted the snack bar “Nature Valley” on his personal social media account under the name of Down to Earth. This adds to consumer confusion claim Down to Earth Organics LLC.

This isn’t the first intellectual property infringement Netflix has been accused of. Previous allegations were brought against Netflix original hit TV shows “Tiger King” and “Black Mirror”. Further, back in April 2021, Australian Presenter Ben Waddell accused Netflix & Efron of stealing the concept of Down to Earth.

It is to be seen in whose favour the court will rule.

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