Oct 28, 2016

Donald Is Trumped To TV Trademark

The current United States presidential election has created an ongoing deluge of controversial moments from both running candidates. However, it seems that even once the election has been settled the media will still be focused on Donald Trump's every move. It is speculated in some quarters that the Republican candidate will use his own brand image, bolstered by the fame and attention garnered by his election campaign, to launch his own media station.

The mogul has previously trademarked a whole host of products ranging from fragrances to oysters, all including the 'Trump' name. Thus, for his media station, it appeared that Trump had settled on using 'Trump TV' as the name for his new venture.

Yet, Trump will encounter difficultly should he wish to use the name Trump TV following the action of Dr Mark Grabowsky who noticed that Trump TV had not been trademarked and so promptly filed for the mark.  This is not the first time that Trump's plans have been made problematic by the public. Last year he had to pay $100,000 to use his campaign slogan, 'Make America Great Again' after it too had been registered before he could claim the trademark.

However, it seems that if Trump wants to use the Trump TV trademark he will be able too since Dr Grabowsky has declared that he has no intention to use the trademark. This is something which will likely lead the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to decide against granting the mark to Dr Grabowsky as trademarks are intended to be used in the course of trade and can be revoked for non-use. Trump would also be able to rely on the reputation of his name in challenging this application if he so wishes.

If the rumours are true concerning the Trump media network it will be interesting to see where securing this trademark will fall in the list of Trump's priorities for legal action, given the numerous threats of legal action he has made recently against various parties.

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