Feb 14, 2019

Counterfeiters cash in on Valentine's Day

February 14th, otherwise known as Valentine's day, the annual day dedicated to love, is often celebrated by the giving of cards and gifts to loved ones. This year however, the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU), issued a disheartening warning to shoppers thinking of buying their loved ones a gift.

It emerged this week that earlier this month PIPCU conducted a raid of a property in which hundreds of counterfeit products were seized. The goods in question, including perfumes and jewellery, were reported to be worth an estimated £40,000.

PIPCU are asking consumers to be wary of where they are buying their Valentines gifts from and be careful not to be swayed by a cheap offer. The unit has also given guidance that consumers should watch out for poor grammar and spelling mistakes when looking online, as this is often an indication that a website is not legitimate.

Counterfeit goods can often contain harmful substances: we have previously reported on a counterfeit cosmetic raid that took place in LA last year in which seized cosmetics were found to contain bacteria and human waste; the full article can be read here.

Clearly, counterfeit goods not only present a health risk to consumers but are also the result of criminal activity which costs legitimate industries billions each year.

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