Aug 15, 2022

China introduces exhibition IP protection guidelines

The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) recently published guidelines to improve IP protection at exhibitions and trade fairs. The guidelines are accessible via the CNIPA website and include chapters on pre-exhibition and in-exhibition procedures.

The pre-exhibition chapter addresses issues such as the commitment of exhibitors to abide by exhibition IP rules including cooperating with any required inspections and other obligations at exhibitions. It also makes provision for an IP workstation at exhibitions that can accept IP complaints, mediate IP complaints and consult on relevant laws, regulations and policies relating to IP. The workstation would also provide judgment opinions on suspected infringements and summarise IP provisions of the exhibition as required.

The in-exhibition procedure section provides guidelines on how the IP workstation might operate in a live exhibition dispute scenario and what information may be required to facilitate its operation. This includes details of IP rights, evidence or allegations, and the involvement of exhibition organisers.

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