Oct 23, 2020

Caboom goes Duke

Kelly Knievel is the son of famous stunt performer Evel Knievel. Evel Knievel was an American stunt performer and entertainer who attempted over 75 ramp to ramp motorcycle jumps during his career. He is renowned in the industry as being America’s greatest daredevil.

In September 2020, Kelly Knievel brought a claim against Disney claiming that the filmmakers of Toy Story 4 did not obtain permission from him in order to use his father’s likeness for new character, Duke Caboom. Caboom is a character introduced in Toy Story 4 who is known as “Canada’s Greatest Showman”. Caboom performs stunts on a motorcycle similar to that of Evel Knievel. It is claimed that the viewers of Toy Story 4, as well as critics of the movie, would be able to see a clear connection between Evel Knievel and Duke Caboom because of the clear resemblance to Evel Knievel’s style, influence and brand, including the famous 1970’s motorcycle, being used in the film.

Disney has responded to the allegations, stating that any claim being made by Knievel has been made without merit and will be defended vigorously in Court. Knievel is claiming damages for unjust enrichment and false endorsement.

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