Feb 4, 2019


Recently McDonald's lost its trade mark battle with Irish chain Supermac's over its trademark rights in the words 'Big Mac' as McDonald's had dropped a Whopper by failing to prove genuine use of the mark. Following the defeat in the EUIPO, Burger King's Swedish operation has taken the opportunity to take a bite out of McDonald's menu.

Burger King franchises in Sweden have updated their menus to include burgers with names referencing the Big Mac such as 'Anything but a Big Mac' and 'the Burger Big Mac Wished It Was' as part of their new and facetious 'Not Big Macs' range.  Such nuggets as 'Like a Big Mac but actually tasty' have also been spotted.

The result of the EUIPO decision in January 2019 means that anyone can use the trademark 'Big Mac': not just McDonald's. Burger King has taken advantage of the Royale mess and used the decision in its favour to create a marketing stunt which 'twists the knife' following McDonald's legal defeat.

In a press release, CEO of Burger King's Swedish outfit, Iwo Zakowski commented that "it's too much fun for us to stay away". We don't doubt that Burger King is having a great deal of fun at its longstanding rival and is making a (happy) meal out of its rival's misfortune.

None of the items on the updated menus are new: instead they have just been rebranded for the marketing stunt created by Burger King's creative agency located in Stockholm. Burger King has also created a video advert poking more fun at McDonald's that features a customer ordering one of the burgers from the new menu.

McDonald's has not yet acknowledged the playful jibes.

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