Dec 4, 2020

Burberry Jesus v Burberry

A Chicago-based rapper, Burberry Jesus, has been served with a lawsuit with regards to his stage name and various parts of his branding, which British fashion company, Burberry, alleges is an infringement of its trade marks.

Burberry alleges that Burberry Jesus is infringing its trade marks by making use of its trade mark “Burberry”, and copyright protected designs. It alleges “Burberry Jesus” has sought to promote his music and grow his fan base by making use of its trademarks. Burberry said that prior to issuing proceedings, it had attempted to resolve the matter amicably with Burberry Jesus, but to no avail. Allegedly Burberry Jesus had shown no intention of complying with Burberry’s reasonable requests to resolve the matter.

It will be interesting to see how this matter proceeds, and whether any settlement can be reached before trial.

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Posted by: Connor Cartledge in: Trade Marks

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