Dec 9, 2020

Bridgestone enjoy success in the Beijing Intellectual Property Court

Hot on the heels of last week’s news regarding China’s crackdown on counterfeiters and its resolve to create a stronger intellectual property regime, news has emerged this week that Bridgestone, the world’s largest tire and rubber manufacturer, has received a favourable ruling from the Beijing Intellectual Property Court.

In 2017, Bridgestone filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Chinese tire manufacturer, Shandong Vheal Group Co. The lawsuit was based on the argument that Shandong had created a tire with a truck tire tread pattern on it which infringed Bridgestone’s R1118 truck tire tread pattern. Bridgestone had a patent over this particular tread pattern.

In June 2020, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court sided with Bridgestone and ordered Shandong to cease its activities in violation of Bridgestone’s patent rights. The Court also ordered Shandong to pay 500,000 Chinese Yuan; approximately £55,000. This is another example of a positive result for rights holders coming out of the Chinese Courts.

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Posted by: Hannah Flowers in: Patents

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