Feb 8, 2017

Beyonce Drunk in Love with copyright claims

According to a report on the website Fashionlaw.com, Beyonce is facing yet another copyright infringement claim.

The estate of the late New Orleans-based rapper Anthony Barré – better known as Messy Mya – has accused Beyoncé of sampling Mya's vocals on her hit track "Formation."

As a result, the estate is now seeking more than $20 million "in back royalties and other damages" in connection with Beyoncé's alleged unauthorised use of Barré's copyright protected works.

The case follows a 2016 claim in which independent filmmaker Matthew Fulks alleged that Beyoncé infringed his copyright, claiming that the trailer for her "Lemonade" HBO special is nothing more than a copied version of his short film, PALINOIA. Fulks alleged that nine visual similarities amounting to 39 seconds of the 60-second trailer are similar to images in his seven-and-a-half minute film. Those images include "parking garage," "feet on the street" and "side-lit ominous figures."

That claim – which has since been settled out of court – followed a $7.1 million copyright infringement claim in 2014 by singer Ahmad Javon Lane, who sued Beyoncé claiming her song "X.O." ripped off an original composition titled "XOXO" that he shared with one of her backup dancers in 2013.

It is either coincidence, people taking a chance on a payout or there is a pattern emerging but whatever the explanation Beyonce is certainly becoming familiar with the process of copyright infringement.

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