Feb 3, 2022

Battle of the Ladies

A legal battle between Seattle blues singer Lady A and the band formerly known as Lady Antebellum has been concluded. Both parties filed a joint motion to dismiss lawsuits over the use of the name “Lady A” in a Tennessee Court.

Nashville based band, Lady Antebellum, changed its name to its fan favourite nickname Lady A back in 2020. This move came after critics allegedly argued “Antebellum” romanticises the time prior to the US Civil War, that being associated with the slave trade. The band argued they were unaware that the Seattle blues singer Anita White also used the stage name. White has been singing under the stage name for more than 20 years.

Positive negotiations took place in July 2020 but broke down after White allegedly proposed a $10 million settlement. The band then sought a declaratory judgement to affirm its right to the name “Lady A”. The band reportedly first registered the Lady A trade mark back in 2010.

However, both parties have come to some form of mutual agreement, although it is unclear if a formal settlement has been reached between the parties or if either party will continue to use the name. Both parties have agreed to cover their own costs and legal fees.

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