Aug 9, 2017

Baby Driver producers sued over copyright

In June 2017, Baby Driver, a film about a getaway driver with a love of music was released in cinemas worldwide. Since its release, the film has received rave reviews and become one of the most critically acclaimed films of the summer, grossing over $154 million worldwide to date.

However, it emerged last week that a lawsuit has been filed against Sony, as well as other producers and distributors. The Claimant to the lawsuit is Rolan Feld, the son of Marc Bolan who was the frontman of the band T. Rex, prior to his death in 1977. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures and the other producers had failed to obtain the necessary permission needed to use the T. Rex song 'Deborah' in the film.   

Feld reportedly stated recently that since the lawsuit has been filed none of the Defendants have apologised or offered to pay the Claimant a reasonable license fee.

Feld states he was aware that Sony wanted to use the work entitled 'Deborah' for the film after a representative of Sony contacted his lawyer to ask about licensing the work for the soundtrack. The request was however denied.  Feld claims the fact that Sony sought to contact him demonstrates that Sony had no difficulty in determining the rightful owner of the Work.

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