Jun 13, 2022

Amazon Brand Protection Report reveals takedown data

Since its launch in 2017, Amazon has expanded its Brand Registry services into several countries worldwide, including amongst many others the UK, USA, Brazil, Canada, France and Australia.

In June 2022, Amazon’s annual Brand Protection Report was published, reporting that over 4 billion listings were blocked before being listed due to wide-ranging concerns including intellectual property infringement. The report also reveals that over 3 million counterfeit products were disposed of in 2021, and over 2.5 million attempts by identified “bad actors” to create selling accounts were prevented by more robust seller verification measures.

The report contains a summary of the protective services offered by Amazon, including Brand Registry (giving brands the ability to manage and protect their brand on Amazon), IP Accelerator (designed to help businesses with intellectual property), Project Zero (harnessing technology to identify counterfeits), and Transparency (a scheme to verify products throughout the supply chain).

The report also contains commentary from Amazon’s partners including The Anti-Counterfeiting Group and International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition.

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in: Regulatory

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