Aug 10, 2022

Actions Speak Louder than the Queen of Talk

Talk show host and television personality Oprah Winfrey is suing the creators of a podcast called “Oprahdemics” on the grounds of dilution of the “Oprah” trade mark. Winfrey claims the use of “Oprah” in the name of the podcast is misleading.

Winfrey’s company Harpo Inc. has filed the claim in the Manhattan Federal Court on behalf of Winfrey. Harpo Inc. is not seeking damages or profits from Oprahdemics, but it wants Oprahdemics to change the name of the podcast.

The Oprahdemics podcast is owned by long-time friends and professors Kellie Carter Jackson and Leah Wright Rigueur. The friends claim to be long-time fans of Oprah Winfrey and the podcast focuses on studying and discussing Oprah Winfrey and her most iconic episodes.

It is to be seen if the parties to the suit can come to an agreement and settle without the need for litigation.

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