In order to know what you can do and what you have you need to identify not only what you have but what may be a risk to you.

Identifying Rights

McDaniel & Co will identify the rights that you have, either as an individual or as a business.  This will involve:

1. Looking at what you do as a business and identifying the potential areas of IP capture.

2. Examining and listing each capture area so that you have full visibility of the intellectual capital which you are creating.

Identifying Risks

When you embark on new projects be they new products, new designs or new brands then it may be that somebody has already got there first.

We will take each element of your new product or process or service and highlight to you the risk areas.

We will plot for you a method in each case of identifying and assessing the risks.  We will conduct clearance searches either in relation to brands, patents, designs or general internet searches and we will help you plot a route to ensure the least difficulty in accessing your chosen markets.

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